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About the Artist


In between work and family, Lindsey always makes sure to have time for her own little happy place, creating a loving memory or capturing the beauty of the animals here in the UK and all around the natural world. Lindsey is currently painting pet portraits and wildlife art part time at her home in Southport, UK.

Always creative from a very young age, Lindsey, rediscovered her love for painting animals in acrylic and watercolour after painting a portrait of her father's Jack Russell, Alfie. This soon prompted friends and family to request portraits of their beloved pets and family and quickly developed into a love for painting and capturing special memories that can be treasured for a lifetime. 

Lindsey has been painting portraits for nearly four years, specialising in a detailed and realistic style of painting, capturing the essence of each subject in beautiful detail. A keen supporter of wildlife conservation, Lindsey often supports wildlife charities through her artwork.

All of Lindsey's watercolour pieces are created on 300gsm cold press watercolour paper. Acrylic portraits can be purchased on both cotton canvas and cold press watercolour paper. This gives the freedom for you to choose between either a ready to hang portrait or choose your own frame to suit your display space. Paintings created on cold press watercolour paper are available in sizes A5, A4 or A3 to make sure that a suitable frame can be more easily sourced from your local high-street.

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