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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a commission from Lindsey BC Art, the client is agreeing to and bound by the following conditions.

Description of product:

Portrait produced with acrylic or watercolour paint.  The finished product will be protected with a fixative spray or varnish to help prevent damage to and protect the work. The work will be based on a photograph provided by the client. The artist has the right to turn down the commission if a good quality photo cannot be provided.

Photograph rights:

If the reference photograph is not the client’s own, the client must obtain permission from the owner of the photograph. If the photograph was taken by a professional photographer, the client must obtain permission from the photographer.

Payment terms:

Payment can be made by bank transfer. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. This deposit is non-refundable once the portrait has been started. The remaining balance of the payment is required before the product is dispatched. If the client is unhappy with the finished result, and it cannot be resolved through minor alterations, then the balancing payment will not be required, however the client will not receive the portrait.

Target dates and dispatching product:

A target date will be agreed before starting the portrait. The client will be notified when the product has been dispatched. From this point, the length of time it takes to arrive is no longer the artist’s responsibility.

Delivery of the product:

The product will be posted via tracked delivery from the UK. The client will be given a tracking number. Protective packaging will be used.


Returns are not accepted unless the product has been damaged prior to the client receiving it. The client must get in touch within 24 hours of receiving the product if this is the case. The cost of postage when returning any damaged products is the responsibility of the client.


The artist retains the copyright of the work produced, so therefore has the right to use an image of the work for promotion, portfolios, this website and social media*. However, for privacy reasons, permission from the client will be required before publishing portraits of people. The client does not have the right to sell copies of the work in any way without permission from the artist.

Data Protection:

The artist will need to collect the following information: the client’s name, email address and address. This information will only be used to send invoices and to deliver the product. The client’s name will be stored to keep track of orders. Once the client has received the product, records of email addresses and addresses will be deleted. Any photos that have been saved or printed will also be deleted or destroyed.


if the portrait is a gift, an image of the work will not be published on social media or this website until the gift has been received.

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